I wish all the happiness in the world to Morgan & Chase! It has been so much fun getting to know this awesome couple over the past year, we bonded over coffee, favorite movies, music, & a rainy hike out at Petit Jean Mountain for their lovely engagement photos. And though, like every wedding, there were challenges along the way when the wedding day finally came it was so full of joy and love.

Morgan really wanted a non-traditional wedding dress (her first choice was black, I love it!) but, this blush pink gown couldn’t have been more perfect. While her bridal party was helping her into her dress, the theme from Beauty & the Beast started playing and everyone just lost it!

Her unique bridal bouquet was created with vintage brooches passed down from the women in her family. I love how she incorporated sentimental & vintage touches into her look while still keeping it elegant and timeless.

Their wedding reception welcome table featured custom signs (pet nicknames also represented!) and a really cute timeline of their love story


Although Morgan eventually decided on the blush wedding gown instead of black, she still incorporated black lace in her table decor, wedding cake, and her bridal party’s dresses. Seriously, the flower girls were feeling so chic in their black lace & tulle.


Whether it’s just the couple & me or the whole world is watching, the First Looks are always incredibly special and emotional. Upon seeing Chase’s stunned reaction, Morgan said, “that’s the picture every bride wants” and “my face hurt from smiling so much!” I’m sure many brides can relate!


Happily ever after indeed, this is fairytale stuff here, ya’ll! This was my first time photographing a wedding at St. Joseph’s Church in Conway, AR and I was so struck by this place! The pastel blues, golds, and reds of this ornate church ceiling were such a beautiful background for this moving wedding ceremony.

Chase & Morgan’s guestbook was a memory frame filled with little wooden hearts signed by their guests. There were lots of natural wood & DIY type details included in their decor. They are both nature lovers & Chase even handmade a ring box for his bride to be with wood he gathered from one of their hikes (awww) so it was a perfect fit for their style & story.


That “I just married my best friend” victory dance! A confident ring bearer taking his job just the right amount of serious. Throughout the day the couple shared a few special gifts with each other but, also with their best friends & family. The guys are showing off their new sunglasses below.


It was such an honor to be your wedding photographer, Congratulations, Chase & Morgan!

Travelogue: Colorado, Spring 2018



Last month I had the awesome opportunity to spend some time in Colorado with my bestie (who is a fabulous photographer herself). I thought I'd share a few photos of our adventures!  

A day trip to Rocky Mountain National Park was a great way to kick off my visit -catching up while we drive through winding roads into the mountains, learning that those spike-y shoe things are called crampons, and seeing wild elk right next to the side of the road! 

The crampons were definitely needed as we traversed 4 foot high snow drifts to this frozen lake. As we walked up, we saw a couple getting engaged! What a beautiful spot for a proposal! Of course we dropped everything to document this beautiful moment for them! Love is everywhere you go. 

so, so cold and windy!

so, so cold and windy!

Congratulations on your enagement!

Congratulations on your enagement!

Pro tip from my Cara, If you do come upon wild elk, stay in the car, you don't wanna tangle with them! 

Pro tip from my Cara, If you do come upon wild elk, stay in the car, you don't wanna tangle with them! 

After visiting the park, we sorely needed a warm up (this Arkansan wasn't quite ready for the cold!). I am a huge horror movie fan so visiting the Stanley Hotel (where The Shining was filmed) was on my bucket list! I was not disappointed. The overcast day just upped the creep factor! 


Two things I might take on any trip -my camera and my ukulele! :) I also love checking out local hangouts & eateries. We had some great veggie burritos at the Jamestown Mercantile Cafe. Also pictured is the Blue Mustang outside of the Denver International Airport. Fun/weird fact, it has glowing red eyes & has been nicknamed Blucifer! 

Next it's time to head to the beach at the Boulder Reservoir for a sunset maternity session. We made a few new furry friends along the way. 


That's all for now! I'll be returning in the summer to attend Cara's wedding (I'm so excited! It'll be weird not hauling around pounds of camera gear, ha!). I can't wait!


Bobrook Farms was the perfect setting for Carrie & Mike's sweet & bookish engagement session! They'll be tying the knot here next November. Bobrook Farms features a pumpkin and berry patch, wedding venue, and winery. The yellow muscadine vines made a beautiful backdrop! It was a lovely afternoon filled with laughter, golden light, and a little bit of romance. 


I love the red cover & copper embossing they chose to personalize their session book. (And the title is so cute and perfect!) Congratulations on your engagement, Carrie & Mike!