I’m the type of person who gives their pets nicknames.(My dogs accept this weirdness because I give them a totally acceptable amount of burned toast.) A movie nerd & culture vulture. A down to earth Southern girl who wants to travel the world. A collector & serial craft project starter. When I need a little peace of mind and sunshine I pack up my kayak and hit the river. I love my beautiful state of Arkansas. I love cookouts & road trips with friends. 

Currently very excited to be co-planning my bestie’s upcoming wedding & our badass bachelorette travel plans. 

I love wedding & portrait photography because it takes me to new places where I meet the best people. Getting to tell their stories through photography is a joy & a privilege for me. 

You know the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” and if there’s anything that explains

why I love what I do it’s pictured here. These are some of my family photos I have on display in my home. Everyday when I walk out my door I am reminded of them, their stories, & the love in my life. 

I can’t wait to document your story & preserve it for future generations. 



Let's get started...